Our Story

Welcome to Puopolo's Italian Ice & Creamery! We are a family owned and operated frozen dessert shop located on 91st and Yale in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We invite you to read below to learn about our history and our family.


The Matriarch

Jean Rose (aka Mama Puopolo) and her devoted husband raised their four children in a suburb of historic Philadelphia. Her joyful spirit, nurturing character, and sincere hospitality all contribute to the woman her children know and love. Her life being centered around family, faith and food, Mama Puopolo frequently spent summers cooling down with her children eating delicious Italian Ice while creating unforgettable memories. She and her husband now reside in the heart of Tulsa where their legacy of family, food, and fellowship can continue on through Puopolo’s Italian Ice & Creamery.

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The Roots

Italian Ice was brought to Philadelphia through the traditions of Italian immigrants. It began as a simple frozen granita, and has evolved into what is now known as Philadelphia style Italian Ice. It serves as a staple for families looking to cool off during the hot and humid summers in Philly. Also known as Water Ice, its creamery texture and rich flavor are sure to satisfy even the most picky palette. Tulsa’s foody culture and raging hot summers provide the ideal climate for this unique frozen dessert.

The Journey

After raising three kids, Mama Puopolo’s youngest daughter, Kris, and her husband, Jim, decided to pack up their Philadelphia roots and plant them in Tulsa. They wanted to start a new season of life where they could spend quality time with their family and give generously back to the community. While reminiscing about their childhoods where they sat on the front stoop, lips stained with vibrant colors, enjoying water ice, they instantly knew that Puopolo’s was in their future. That dream became a reality in 2017 when they began working on Puopolo’s first store. Now, as you take your first bite of Puopolo’s Italian Ice, we pray you experience the same hospitality, joy, and fellowship that we had years ago. 


Welcome to the Puopolo’s family!